Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Weirdest Thing Happened This Weekend.....

After having dinner with some friends this past Friday, I went over to Entertainmart, which is a fairly huge new/used music and movies store.

I had already been shopping around for about 30 minutes, and while I was looking through some CD's, this young Indian (or possibly Hispanic) girl approached me.

The young lady handed me her business card, and without so much as a "hello", tried to get me to follow her outside of the store, for a "psychic reading". The way she was acting, was like I had already pre-paid for the service, and she was ready to get started.

She was already walking towards the door, and I had to call her back, to hand her back the card, and flat-out told her "I'm not into that shit!". And then she took back her card, and walked out.

I don't know who the fuck she thought she was trying to con! I'm not 100% familiar with that area, but I know there's no psychic reading place in that tiny shopping center.

My suspicion was that she was looking for a sucker to bring outside, likely to a car, to be jumped and robbed (beings it WAS after dark). Nice try - I might be country and formerly naive, but I've lived in the city for a decade now.

It's bad enough you get spam email and phone calls from idiots trying to sell you things you don't want or need, but a bitch nowadays can't even buy a Jefferson Airplane album without being harrassed by WALKING advertisements, trying to sell you entertainment, like psychic readings.

Besides - if I want some nutball to make up a bunch of bullshit about my future at the top of their head, I'll go talk to a "christian" - for free.

New Pennie & Bonnie Pictures: Dirty Rotten Kitty

While Pennie is looking all cute and innocent here.....

....Bonnie is chewing away at her "dirty rotten kitty", on the bed. This is their 2nd kitty, as the first got mangled and de-stuffed:

It's a good thing my REAL kitties stay at home! LOL

Monday, July 21, 2008

Congratulations Kevin & Doug!

Congratulations to fellow blogging friend, Dr. Kevin Kaatz, and his partner Doug, on their recent marriage and ceremony.

According to Kevin, they had their ceremony last Friday, and Sunday was the reception. They'll be spending 4 days in West Hollywood later this week - have fun, guys!

Feel free to stop by and offer Kevin and Doug your well wishes.

And here's a picture Kevin gave me permission to pass along - What a cute couple! ;):

Ace In The (Glory)Hole

These playing cards gives the Poker term "ace in the hole" a whole new meaning:

Gay Republican Cards (website)

What better way to obsess over the "homosexual agenda", while playing with a deck of these queens?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Mollie, Pennie & Bonnie Pictures

This past weekend, Mollie got to take a ride in her owner's new car.

The 4th picture is Bonnie - who's quickly growing. The last picture is Mollie with Pennie.