Saturday, October 20, 2007

Texas Scaregrounds: Photo Fun

Tonight some friends and I went to the Texas Scaregrounds in DFW (their MySpace Page is here). Admission includes 4 attractions, 3 of them being haunted houses: Chaos, Nightmare, Asylum and the Acres Of Fear Haunted Hayride.

I was volunteered to be the leader of our group in the haunted houses, which is always fun to do anyway. As one zombie girl walked past us in a daze, I could smell her shampoo, and let her know "for a dead person, your hair smells nice!". The haunted houses reeked of designer cologne - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it was smothering in the buildings, and you were sweaty by the time you reached the exit. If anyone from Scaregrounds runs across this post, PLEASE add A/C, fans, or something next year!

Although the Scaregrounds crew got a couple first-screams out of me at the front, by far the scariest moment happened in the Chaos haunted house. At one point, you walk through a long hallway of complete darkness. A friend of mine is clinging onto one arm, and I tell everyone that I have my hand in front of me, so I don't run into any wall. Within seconds of saying this, I feel something with my hand, as a vampire girl pulls a string to turn on a light and scream. I screamed the loudest, because my hand was on her BOOB!

It was unanimous in our group that Chaos was definitely the best (and the longest to walk through), with Nightmare and Asylum being nowhere near as good. The hayride was more or less a journey through Wal-Mart bought inflated/lighted ghosts, pumpkins and grim reapers, and two guys walking out to harass your group with chainsaws. Zzzzzz.

On with the photoblog......

Scaregrounds ranged from the scary to the bizarre.

Even though the Freddy playground song lyrics is written on different walls as you walk through a boiler room, Mr. Krueger was obviously late to work and wasn't "coming for" anyone.

Jason, however, was there.

A skeleton multi-face hybrid thingie acting out Peter LaBarbera's bondage fantasy.


The psycho clowns scaring some friends of mine:

A rabid little doggie.

Some Hispanic guy killing a blackeyed white girl.

Some bloody imprisoned guy.

Dialogue after taking the previous picture.....

Seth: Did you just take a picture of that girl on the bed?
Me: Yeah.

Both of us: Heh.

A little TOO much Calgon?

This looks like MY kitchen!

Overall, it was a fun night, and we'll have to go back next year!


queertardo said...

great photos! okay, so I have to say it--I'm going to worry about you if you attend one of those HELL HOUSES and give your soul to Jesus.

Scott said...

Never fear, won't EVER happen! LOL