Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Minnie: Cat Nap

These turned out so cute, I had to share them: my youngest kitty, Minnie, taking a cat nap in one of their many beds (found at gay-friendly Walgreens! LOL):

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Sign From Gawd

From WhySocietyIsDumb.....

"People are actually screaming in horror over a statue. Not laughing hysterically. SCREAMING!

St. George Statue Falls and is Beheaded in Church Amid Screams when some old guys can't hold it up much longer."


And for those of you who can't get enough of the destruction, here's my own short remix: the "one smash isn't good enough" version!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Pray For Me, Randy

A couple weeks ago, NG blogged that Exodus International VP Randy Thomas mentioned a heckler video of mine, which has actually been on YouTube for several months.

There's SO many things wrong with Randy's post, that I'd have to waste several hours correcting his novel collection of lies and bullshit in just that one single post. It's not worth that amount of time, and neither is he.

But I would like to address a couple things (Randy's text in red):

"Someone sent me a video that was a very creative waste of time. It had a bunch of talking I didn’t quite understand and then was sort of a slideshow of photos"

You SHOULD know whose voice that is.

"The person who made the video was the same person who made an earlier video which compared me to the Pillsbury Dough Boy Monster out of the move Ghost Busters. They implied that I needed to be destroyed like that monster was."

You're wrong. I didn't imply that you "needed" to be destroyed. I implied you WILL be destroyed. And that's not a threat - it's a promise.

And his name is Stay-Puft.

"It reminded me of what I have always believed to be true about stigmatization. It doesn’t work and always backfires on the ones perpetrating the stigma. Whether it backfires today or in a generation … stigmas always backfire on the ones who perpetrate them. I have watched it happen time and again … on both sides. I don’t believe in karma but I do believe in reaping what you sow."

Good. Then you should understand part of the reason why the video was made in the first place. For many years, you have publicly stigmatized gay people - and this is just a sample of the backlash you'll be receiving. You've watched it happen time and again, and now you can experience it for yourself. Buckle up.

"The strange part is those who play that game don’t usually see the toll it is taking on them personally."

You mean like the migraines you're always complaining about?

"Some people would say that my sharing the negatives I experienced when I identified as gay is stigmatizing. I don’t agree".

Guess what? It IS stigmatizing; especially when you try to make your "bad experiences" sound like ALL gay people have been through your alleged drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and so forth.

And for those of us who did have a partying phase, we don't blame our homosexuality as to why some of us went off the deep end - myself included. I personally got over it, moved on, and simply will never put myself in that position again. You, on the other hand,
LIVE to talk about this period of your life. For pay, at that.

"Granted I’ve said some things that might have come across harsh or stuck my foot in my mouth from time to time… but my heart’s intent, truly, was never to stigmatize."

Again, the famous lies of Randy Thomas.

Let's go back to something Randy himself said not long ago:

"There isn’t a proven widespread pattern of discrimination for those who identify as gay either. But the point of this post and [the statistics presented in the post] are proof that not only do those who identify as gay compete for good salaries very well… they get them. The gay identified community is the most prosperous, median salary wise, community in the country."

Sound familiar?

"Fifty-two out of every 100 doctors were Jews. Of every 100 merchants, 60 were Jews. The average wealth of Germans was 810 marks; the average wealth of Jews 10,000 marks." (from the Nazi film The Eternal Jew)

And if that's not enough, Randy Thomas's organization and homepage links to The Pink Swastika, by a known holocaust revisionist. The book accuses homosexuals of being responsible for the Nazi holocaust of WWII, even though homosexuals were one of the first groups targeted by the Nazi's to be thrown into concentration camps, and received some of the worst treatment, even after liberation.

I don't know about you, but I take great offense that Randy Thomas outright accuses me of being responsible for the deaths of an estimated 6 million Jews, along with homosexuals, gypsies, political prisoners, and many other groups the Nazi's were determined to exterminate.

It's threats like this which I take personal. Randy Thomas is obviously trying to stir up the same anti-gay sentiment which the Nazi's had for the Jews, and I don't think it's funny. And in my personal opinion, when you threaten me, you threaten my friends, my family, my pets, and anyone else who's important to me.

If the GLBT community has any sense, each individual should feel equally as threatened, and join me when I verbally attack Mr. Thomas. And the longer Randy continues to link me to the deaths of all of those innocent people, the more furious I'm going to be when the next attack comes.

I'm willing to make a deal with Randy, although I will never converse with him 1-on-1. If he stops linking gay people to the WWII holocaust, by removing that fucked-up link from Exodus, then I'll cool down. Keep the link up, then I'll keep it up with the attacks. The choice is all up to Randy Thomas.

"I hope this doesn’t sound self-righteous but while I might pray for those who stigmatize, I don’t worry about people who do things like the maker of this video. I truly don’t. Compassion? … absolutely. Pity? … not an ounce."

Please don't have either for me. If anything, I pity your future.

And don't pray for me either, because I don't believe in fairy tales.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Weirdest Thing Happened This Weekend.....

After having dinner with some friends this past Friday, I went over to Entertainmart, which is a fairly huge new/used music and movies store.

I had already been shopping around for about 30 minutes, and while I was looking through some CD's, this young Indian (or possibly Hispanic) girl approached me.

The young lady handed me her business card, and without so much as a "hello", tried to get me to follow her outside of the store, for a "psychic reading". The way she was acting, was like I had already pre-paid for the service, and she was ready to get started.

She was already walking towards the door, and I had to call her back, to hand her back the card, and flat-out told her "I'm not into that shit!". And then she took back her card, and walked out.

I don't know who the fuck she thought she was trying to con! I'm not 100% familiar with that area, but I know there's no psychic reading place in that tiny shopping center.

My suspicion was that she was looking for a sucker to bring outside, likely to a car, to be jumped and robbed (beings it WAS after dark). Nice try - I might be country and formerly naive, but I've lived in the city for a decade now.

It's bad enough you get spam email and phone calls from idiots trying to sell you things you don't want or need, but a bitch nowadays can't even buy a Jefferson Airplane album without being harrassed by WALKING advertisements, trying to sell you entertainment, like psychic readings.

Besides - if I want some nutball to make up a bunch of bullshit about my future at the top of their head, I'll go talk to a "christian" - for free.

New Pennie & Bonnie Pictures: Dirty Rotten Kitty

While Pennie is looking all cute and innocent here.....

....Bonnie is chewing away at her "dirty rotten kitty", on the bed. This is their 2nd kitty, as the first got mangled and de-stuffed:

It's a good thing my REAL kitties stay at home! LOL

Monday, July 21, 2008

Congratulations Kevin & Doug!

Congratulations to fellow blogging friend, Dr. Kevin Kaatz, and his partner Doug, on their recent marriage and ceremony.

According to Kevin, they had their ceremony last Friday, and Sunday was the reception. They'll be spending 4 days in West Hollywood later this week - have fun, guys!

Feel free to stop by and offer Kevin and Doug your well wishes.

And here's a picture Kevin gave me permission to pass along - What a cute couple! ;):

Ace In The (Glory)Hole

These playing cards gives the Poker term "ace in the hole" a whole new meaning:

Gay Republican Cards (website)

What better way to obsess over the "homosexual agenda", while playing with a deck of these queens?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Mollie, Pennie & Bonnie Pictures

This past weekend, Mollie got to take a ride in her owner's new car.

The 4th picture is Bonnie - who's quickly growing. The last picture is Mollie with Pennie.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Kitty Chasing After The Wrong Mouse!

Tonight I continued scanning a few of my older paper-printed photographs, as I would like to eventually have them all digitized for safekeeping.

Here's one of them: a cute picture of my oldest cat, back when she was a few months old:

PS: To readers, sorry I haven't blogged in a long time - but will for sure specifically make time this coming weekend.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Impatient Bonnie Helps Herself To IAMS

Here's some brand new pictures taken of Bonnie just yesterday, who's now a 6 month old baby Great Pyrenees.

Now she's gotten into the habit of flying into the garage when you open the door, to fill up the bowls for all three of them - and just diving headfirst, right into the IAMS bag. She's already pulled this trick on me AT LEAST three times - she's a quick little shit, just totally bypasses you!

And trust me, these spoiled babies aren't starving - especially because they get several Milk Bone treats a day! LOL

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Mollie, Pennie & Bonnie Pictures

Here's some new pictures, of Bonnie adjusting to her new family.

Obviously she's picked up one of Pennie's favorite hobbies: playing in the mud!

My friends plan to soon have the carpet ripped up, and replaced with hardwood - as they done with having the downstairs tiled. It's impossible to keep your carpets spotless if you own a Great Pyrenees - and in this case, three! LOL

Sunday, May 11, 2008

HELP I'VE FALLEN: Funny Snail Mail

It's not very often I get snail mail that's so fucking hilarious, that I have to hang onto and share it.

This coupon-sized ad was sent in an envelope with several other silly ads (mail-order checks, local restaurants, personalized address labels, etc). I'll let the picture speak for itself.....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

If A Christian And Muslim Were Hanging From A Cliff.....

TommyfromtheBronx today asks if a "christian" and Muslim were hanging from a cliff and soon to fall to their deaths - and you (in this scenario, a "non-believer") had a 10 foot pole to save one of them, who would you save?:

Myself, as a "non-believer" AND gay, would take the pole and start beating the crap out of BOTH of their hands, until they both let go and plunged to their rightful doom.

If you save the "christian", his version of thanking you would be trying to get you thrown into quack "ex-gay" therapy; and if you save the Muslim, he'd just start chasing after you with a dagger. So fuck 'em both, and good riddance. G'bye!

Besides, I remember a while back, when "christians" were asked if he/she was drowning in quicksand, and a gay person found them and offered to help, most of the "christians" responded that they wouldn't accept the help from a gay person. Funny enough, when I was "coming out", I asked my hysterical parents the same question, and they answered the same way.

And my reply to that, of course, was that I'd step on their head and push them the rest of the way down, if they were going to be like that.

Your wish is my command!

So my answer to Tommy, is "NEITHER ONE".

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kitty Photoblogging: Minnie

Beings Mollie, Pennie and Bonnie are more cooperative with picture-taking LOL, I've mostly posted photos of those 3. But I do have 3 kitties myself, and I'm locating all of my pictures, which happen to be mixed up somewhere in my bermuda data DVD-R folders.

Here's some cute pictures of my youngest cat, Minnie. She was found via the in-store "classifieds" wall at Petsmart, and adopted in May 2004, at 5-6 weeks old.

These pictures were taken on the first night she was brought home - and she still does this cute pose in the first picture, usually after taking a cat-nap:

More cute GLBT kitties:

Wayne Besen's kitty

Joe.My.God.'s kitty, "Shelley"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photoblogging: Last Night's Hail Storm

We had a massive hail storm last night! Here's some pictures sent in from my neighbor friends, of some of their yard and vehicle damage. I would say it was the craziest hailstorm I've experienced in my lifetime (you couldn't even hear over the phone!).

Take a look for yourself:

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Story Of Chicken Little Republican

Gather round, "conservative" children - and enjoy my adaptation of this Aesop Fable classic:


What was once a peaceful barnyard turned into chaos, when a little busybody named Chicken Little Republican moved into the coop. Chicken Little Republican had no life or hobbies, so he was always starting up shit with the rest of the animals.

It was bad enough that Foxy Loxy was in the area, and everyone was trying to build a fence to keep him out.

Everyone, except Chicken Little Republican. He had an imaginary friend (a talking pig, or something), that "spoke to him", and told him "other things" were more important. Chicken Little Republican also believed that everyone in the barnyard should focus on the "important issues" which his imaginary friend told him to do.

The first issue that Chicken Little Republican raised hell about was "Henny Penny and the other chickens are having abortions", because they had not been laying as many eggs lately.

Because the animals in the barnyard were stupid, Chicken Little Republican informed everyone all about abortions, and had everyone convinced that the hens were, in fact, having abortions.

Then Henny Penny and the other chickens became social outcasts in the barnyard.

What Chicken Little Republican didn't tell them was chickens lay less eggs towards the end of the year, along with daylight savings time - and the current season was fall.

That night, Foxy Loxy easily walked into the barnyard, because everyone was focusing on the hens having "abortions", and they didn't finish the fence to keep him out. Foxy sneaked into a coop, disemboweled Turkey Lurkey, and dragged his dead body to his den.

The next issue that Chicken Little Republican brought up, quite loudly, was his accusation that Ducky Lucky and Cocky Locky were "homosexuals", because they both napped on the same hay stack in the barn.

Again, Chicken Little Republican made up his story as he went along, as he informed the other stupid animals about their horrifying "homosexual relationship" - a relationship so demonic, it could make his imaginary talking pig friend annihilate the entire farm!

This scared everyone in the barnyard, so they turned against Ducky and Cocky, and they became outcasts too.

That night, Foxy Loxy again sneaked into the barnyard, scared Holey Moley into a fatal heart attack, and dragged his body off to his den. Unfortunately the fence was still not yet complete, because the animals were focusing on "homosexuals".

This continued for a long time - Chicken Little Republican accused Goosey Loosey of "being into golden showers", and felt it was very necessary to inform everyone in the barnyard all about animals pissing on each other for pleasure.

This again scared the barnyard, and Goosey joined the outcasts.

It didn't take long at all, before pretty much EVERYONE in the barnyard were social outcasts, except for self-righteous Chicken Little Republican, himself.

That night, everyone in the barnyard teamed up, and knocked Chicken Little Republican the fuck out, totally unconscious.

While he was out, the animals tied Chicken Little Republican to a flagpole in the center of the barnyard, but Cocky Locky didn't think that was quite good enough. So he ran into his coop, returned with paper and a bow, and they gift wrapped the little busybody son-of-a-bitch.

The next morning, by the flagpole, the animals discovered nothing but feathers, a dildo, and also a copy of Trans-sexual Chicks magazine, which both apparently belonged to Chicken Little Republican, and fell out of his pocket as Foxy Loxy was dragging him off to his den.

That day, the animals finished building their fence, and never heard from Foxy, and even better, Chicken Little Republican, ever again. They had better things to focus on, and stupid hysterical busybody shit wasn't one of them.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bonnie Is Here

I'll post more pictures later, but I wanted to go on and show you Mollie and Pennie's new little baby sister, as of this past Saturday: Bonnie Blue (a TX state reference). This Pyrenees puppy is also a SPIN rescue.

She's already been trying on the Easter bunny ears:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mollie, Pennie, and ?

Her name is Bonnie (perfect match); and yes, they're getting a 3rd, and I assume final Great Pyrenees.....for now LOL

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fundie Fun & A Surprise From Wacko Jacko

A little fun for your Wednesday.....

This comic is so true - those who spout anti-gay rhetoric, while calling themselves "normal" (in comparison to the gay community), ALWAYS looks like this bible-thumping kooky bunch.

Sorry guys; believe it or not, I consider myself WAY more normal than some miserable homosex-obsessed inbred hillbilly lunatic, whose 2 favorite quotes are "God hates fags!", and "If you can't fuck yer sister, who CAN you fuck?".

This picture always cracks me up - the look on the female fundie's face is just priceless:

Lastly, how would you like to wake up one morning, with this in your MySpace inbox?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mollie & Pennie: Saga Of The Dirty Rawhide Bone

Being a "pet person", I enjoy hilarious pet stories, and my neighbor friends sent me some new pictures of Mollie and Pennie's hilarious Pyrenees antics from last week. My neighbor followed them with a camera all morning (when they're most hyper and acting silly), as what she described was a "saga" going on the entire time. It's too cute, and I have to pass their story along..........

The day before, Mollie was given a rawhide bone, and Pennie snatched it from her, and buried it outside. Pennie later dug it up, and had it while she and Mollie were wrestling around the next morning (and yes, Jaws has already gotten ahold of the corner of the stairs, as you'll clearly notice):

Both girls are locked onto the rawhide bone, but Pennie isn't about to give it up. She was chewing on it in front of Mollie, and basically saying "it's mine!", like a kid would do.

As she was leaving for work, my neighbor called Mollie and Pennie into the bedroom. At some point, Mollie quietly leaves the room, goes into the hallway, and scoops up the bone at the top of the stairs, where Pennie left it.

Realizing what she had forgotten, Pennie gets this "oh shit!" look on her face, and dashes away to get it. She didn't find the bone, but instead Mollie in the closest bathroom, sitting facing the shower, wedged in between a hamper and the toilet, where Pennie couldn't get around her, or anywhere near the bone (note: I'm not going to show off a person's toilet to the world, and erased that out LOL!).

All Pennie could do, was sit behind Mollie and sulk. Obviously the smaller the rawhide bone got, the sadder Pennie got. Awwwww........

Too cute! If you're not a "pet person", or "dog person", you wouldn't understand!

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