Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Star Parker: "Quarantine All Sodomites"

Welfare queen and 4-time abortionist Star Parker has shown her true colors of fucked-up "christian" love by saying "we wanted all sodomites quarantined" - meaning, a holocaust, at the lovely gathering of so-called "christians", at the Values Voter Summit.

And there you have it people - the cat's out of the bag. This is the objective of these nutty "christians", republicans and "ex gays". What's most shocking is formerly pro-gay presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney were there too! And Romney has the audacity to compare being pro-choice to the holocaust? Ha! What a pandering waste of flesh he is!

The hilarious thing is we actually do need to have another holocaust. But not of minorities and people who choose to use birth control, who allegedly offends these busybodies. The people who needs to be exterminated are these nutty so-called "christians". Not REAL Christians, mind you - I'm talking about the nazi lunatics who've hijacked Christianity. REAL Christians are sick of these kooks too. They've worked hard to destroy America and turn everything upside-down, and have done well. They spend all their hours trying to have particular groups of people killed off, and are no different than jihadists. The world, and especially this country would be better off without them all. Star Parker should be the first to go.

This little quote from Miss Parker needs to make the news big time, because it's outrageous. The so-called "liberal media" needs to show the world just how truly kooky these "conservative christians" are, and they need to put people like Star Parker out of business. Oh yeah, and the "ex gays" were there too, but we knew that was the objective of these bitter and rejected queens long ago, with their quoting fraudulent quack Paul Cameron. If anyone has connections to any news station, they need to pass this clip along ASAP!

Big thanks to Max Blumenthal for exposing these psycho "christians"!

H/T Pam's House Blend

See Miss Parker making this comment, among other kooks running their traps about everyone's personal business here:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meeting The REAL Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen

The Halloween party was rescheduled at the last minute for Halloween (Wednesday), so Mollie's parents and I had fun anyway, and went to a haunted house at Ripley's Believe It Or Not and wax museum last night. Because of the constant blast of smoke and fog, it was impossible to take any pictures inside.

WTF? Apparently this bum was supposed to emit smoke into the barrell through his penis?

Fans got to meet horror movie icon Gunnar Hansen ("Leatherface", from 1974's Texas Chainsaw Massacre) near the exit of the haunted house, and I was excited to shake his hand, take a picture, and he autographed my TCM DVD cover as well!

This is about as close to meeting God as I'll ever get!

How To Write/Talk Like James Hartline 101

Want to learn how to write or talk like "ex gay" James Hartline? Just hysterically focus on homosexuality, and speak of yourself in third person as often as possible....I guess so nobody will forget his name? Let's give this a shot:

The James Hartline Report
(as if you really care)

Today, James Hartline decided that James Hartline wanted to go to the mall and find examples of the homosexuality which is plaguing James Hartline's city.

James Hartline thought Hot Topic would be the first best place to look, since James Hartline knows there's plenty of homosexuals there. Upon James Hartline's walking into the store, James Hartline noticed the pro-homosexual group Fall Out Boy was playing on the sound system. James Hartline took note to call Hot Topic's corporate office and complain, because James Hartline believes they shouldn't be promoting the homosexual agenda in their stores with this pro-homosexual music. James Hartline also noticed several "GLBT" rainbow items were available for purchase, such as bumper stickers and jewelry. James Hartline will complain about this too.

Then James Hartline passed Cinnabon. This made James Hartline livid, because everyone including James Hartline knows that all homosexuals are good cooks, and Cinnabon is promoting homosexuality by presenting fresh baked goods.

Next was FYE, the entertainment store. James Hartline found several CD's available which promotes homosexuality, including Kate Smith, Bronski Beat, Bette Midler, Spice Girls, Culture Club, Fall Out Boy, Clay Aiken, Madonna, Erasure, Cher, Diana Ross, Judy Garland, Jamiroquai and High School Musical. James Hartline was surrounded in a concert of homosexuality in FYE. What made James Hartline even more upset was the movie selection that James Hartline browsed through, of which 95% has the potential to indoctrinate children into homosexuality.

James Hartline became dizzy, and then James Hartline had to get something to drink at Orange Julius.

James Hartline knew something was wrong at the juice station, because they offered pro-homosexual flavors, such as blueberry-pomegranate, piña colida and mixed fruit. Homosexuals indoctrinate children with their healthy-conscious drinks which can be spiked with bee pollen, an ingredient that only homosexuals use. James Hartline was furious, and James Hartline will consider trying to have the Orange Julius condemned.

Over at Victoria's Secrets, James Hartline discovered fake breast enhancers - a common piece used by transsexuals and drag queens. Although the clothing is meant for women, James Hartline knows the secret of Victoria's Secrets is they also sell their clothing to men who dresses in these clothes. Nothing makes James Hartline angrier than finding a store which secretly caters to the homosexual elite.

James Hartline was also livid that none of the bookstores had any books on ex-gay reparation therapy. Remember that James Hartline successfully overcame homosexuality with Jesus. James Hartline was shocked that Waldenbooks had several pro-homosexual books, but nothing by Richard Cohen. James Hartline will complain about this, and James Hartline may also call James Dobson and CWFA for reinforcement. However, James Hartline may reconsider, if Waldenbooks offers James Hartline a table to offer James Hartline's signature on all bible purchases.

This is James Hartline, exposing the gay agenda with The James Hartline Report.

OMG that was fucking exhausting! And now Scott believes that Scott needs a nap!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Texas Scaregrounds: Photo Fun

Tonight some friends and I went to the Texas Scaregrounds in DFW (their MySpace Page is here). Admission includes 4 attractions, 3 of them being haunted houses: Chaos, Nightmare, Asylum and the Acres Of Fear Haunted Hayride.

I was volunteered to be the leader of our group in the haunted houses, which is always fun to do anyway. As one zombie girl walked past us in a daze, I could smell her shampoo, and let her know "for a dead person, your hair smells nice!". The haunted houses reeked of designer cologne - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it was smothering in the buildings, and you were sweaty by the time you reached the exit. If anyone from Scaregrounds runs across this post, PLEASE add A/C, fans, or something next year!

Although the Scaregrounds crew got a couple first-screams out of me at the front, by far the scariest moment happened in the Chaos haunted house. At one point, you walk through a long hallway of complete darkness. A friend of mine is clinging onto one arm, and I tell everyone that I have my hand in front of me, so I don't run into any wall. Within seconds of saying this, I feel something with my hand, as a vampire girl pulls a string to turn on a light and scream. I screamed the loudest, because my hand was on her BOOB!

It was unanimous in our group that Chaos was definitely the best (and the longest to walk through), with Nightmare and Asylum being nowhere near as good. The hayride was more or less a journey through Wal-Mart bought inflated/lighted ghosts, pumpkins and grim reapers, and two guys walking out to harass your group with chainsaws. Zzzzzz.

On with the photoblog......

Scaregrounds ranged from the scary to the bizarre.

Even though the Freddy playground song lyrics is written on different walls as you walk through a boiler room, Mr. Krueger was obviously late to work and wasn't "coming for" anyone.

Jason, however, was there.

A skeleton multi-face hybrid thingie acting out Peter LaBarbera's bondage fantasy.


The psycho clowns scaring some friends of mine:

A rabid little doggie.

Some Hispanic guy killing a blackeyed white girl.

Some bloody imprisoned guy.

Dialogue after taking the previous picture.....

Seth: Did you just take a picture of that girl on the bed?
Me: Yeah.

Both of us: Heh.

A little TOO much Calgon?

This looks like MY kitchen!

Overall, it was a fun night, and we'll have to go back next year!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mollie's Halloween Costumes

With the Halloween party less than 2 weeks away, my friends and I have been shopping, planning and preparing. My Great Pyrenees neighbor friend Mollie joined in on the fun, and was trying to decide what to wear to the party.


Mollie Sparrow (from Pyrenees of the Caribbean):