Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Star Parker: "Quarantine All Sodomites"

Welfare queen and 4-time abortionist Star Parker has shown her true colors of fucked-up "christian" love by saying "we wanted all sodomites quarantined" - meaning, a holocaust, at the lovely gathering of so-called "christians", at the Values Voter Summit.

And there you have it people - the cat's out of the bag. This is the objective of these nutty "christians", republicans and "ex gays". What's most shocking is formerly pro-gay presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney were there too! And Romney has the audacity to compare being pro-choice to the holocaust? Ha! What a pandering waste of flesh he is!

The hilarious thing is we actually do need to have another holocaust. But not of minorities and people who choose to use birth control, who allegedly offends these busybodies. The people who needs to be exterminated are these nutty so-called "christians". Not REAL Christians, mind you - I'm talking about the nazi lunatics who've hijacked Christianity. REAL Christians are sick of these kooks too. They've worked hard to destroy America and turn everything upside-down, and have done well. They spend all their hours trying to have particular groups of people killed off, and are no different than jihadists. The world, and especially this country would be better off without them all. Star Parker should be the first to go.

This little quote from Miss Parker needs to make the news big time, because it's outrageous. The so-called "liberal media" needs to show the world just how truly kooky these "conservative christians" are, and they need to put people like Star Parker out of business. Oh yeah, and the "ex gays" were there too, but we knew that was the objective of these bitter and rejected queens long ago, with their quoting fraudulent quack Paul Cameron. If anyone has connections to any news station, they need to pass this clip along ASAP!

Big thanks to Max Blumenthal for exposing these psycho "christians"!

H/T Pam's House Blend

See Miss Parker making this comment, among other kooks running their traps about everyone's personal business here:

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