Thursday, May 1, 2008

If A Christian And Muslim Were Hanging From A Cliff.....

TommyfromtheBronx today asks if a "christian" and Muslim were hanging from a cliff and soon to fall to their deaths - and you (in this scenario, a "non-believer") had a 10 foot pole to save one of them, who would you save?:

Myself, as a "non-believer" AND gay, would take the pole and start beating the crap out of BOTH of their hands, until they both let go and plunged to their rightful doom.

If you save the "christian", his version of thanking you would be trying to get you thrown into quack "ex-gay" therapy; and if you save the Muslim, he'd just start chasing after you with a dagger. So fuck 'em both, and good riddance. G'bye!

Besides, I remember a while back, when "christians" were asked if he/she was drowning in quicksand, and a gay person found them and offered to help, most of the "christians" responded that they wouldn't accept the help from a gay person. Funny enough, when I was "coming out", I asked my hysterical parents the same question, and they answered the same way.

And my reply to that, of course, was that I'd step on their head and push them the rest of the way down, if they were going to be like that.

Your wish is my command!

So my answer to Tommy, is "NEITHER ONE".

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