Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kitty Photoblogging: Minnie

Beings Mollie, Pennie and Bonnie are more cooperative with picture-taking LOL, I've mostly posted photos of those 3. But I do have 3 kitties myself, and I'm locating all of my pictures, which happen to be mixed up somewhere in my bermuda data DVD-R folders.

Here's some cute pictures of my youngest cat, Minnie. She was found via the in-store "classifieds" wall at Petsmart, and adopted in May 2004, at 5-6 weeks old.

These pictures were taken on the first night she was brought home - and she still does this cute pose in the first picture, usually after taking a cat-nap:

More cute GLBT kitties:

Wayne Besen's kitty

Joe.My.God.'s kitty, "Shelley"


Gary said...

I was just about to ask "what happened to Scott?"

cute kittie :)

welcome back.

Scott said...

Hi Gary, I'm just getting back after the internet damage the hail storm done. It took out the ethernet on 2 computers, a router AND the modem. So it was just the process of getting everything repaired and hooked back up. Thankfully that was the only damage (that I know of! LOL) from the storm.

I had to use a friend's computer during this time, and didn't spend much time on theirs, because I prefer using my own PC! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I had no idea you were into pussy.

(Yeah, I know, but I had to get that joke in.)

Scott said...


Yes, I'm both a cat and dog person. They're easier to care for compared to dogs, except they're bitchier and hold grudges!! LOL