Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photoblogging: Last Night's Hail Storm

We had a massive hail storm last night! Here's some pictures sent in from my neighbor friends, of some of their yard and vehicle damage. I would say it was the craziest hailstorm I've experienced in my lifetime (you couldn't even hear over the phone!).

Take a look for yourself:


Kevin said...

How did the car do in the hailstorm? I was in a big one in Sydney in 1999. It dented cars and it smashed through ceilings and windows. Pretty scary!

Scott said...

Unfortunately for my neighbor friends, the vehicle pictured did have some dents, scratches and the "guards" above the windows were broken.

Fortunately for me, my truck was in my garage and didn't receive any damage. No house damage either, that I can see.

Even today, the neighborhood is just covered with green leaves, twigs, branches, etc.