Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mollie And Pennie: Filthy

Here's some new pictures of my neighbor friends, Mollie and Pennie. The weather has been nasty for the most part this week, and here they are playing indoors after getting filthy playing outside.

Actually it's Pennie who's worse - she goes outside, plays in the dirt and mud, tracks puppy paws all over the floor tiles; and going around like Pig Pen from the Peanuts comics, the dirt rubs off on Mollie when they're wrestling around and running through the house like a couple of elephants on the loose.

Who needs a tree pruner when you have Pennie? She's been bringing in sticks, palm tree fans and everything else she can find outdoors (and bringing everything she can find indoors, OUTDOORS LOL). Obviously she loves her new "forever home"!

As you can imagine, poor Mollie can't handle all that rambunctious puppy play for too long, and she had to take a nap soon after.

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