Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mollie's Holidays Part III: Family

The holidays are pretty much over, and Mollie has evidently accepted Pennie as part of the family. They wrestle and run through the house like a stampede of elephants, play in the mud and get filthy, and all that other fun stuff. When I'm over, Mollie usually has one end of the sofa, and Pennie will sit in between us. Imagine what that'll be like in a couple years when she's close to Mollie's size! That'll be over 300 pounds of Great Pyrenees!

Unfortunately, Pennie is still in a destructive puppy phase, as Mollie went through when she was her age. She's opened Christmas gifts, gotten into food, has taken things off the kitchen island/stove, ate a few packs of cigarettes, chewed the remote, to name a few things she's done. The evidence she left behind: muddy Pyrenees puppy tracks all over the kitchen floor and counter.

The good thing is she's gotten a LITTLE better lately - but she's still not off the cigarettes though, as she got a pack this weekend.

When we leave the room, we make sure to gather up all our important things like phones and iPods, because if Pennie's left alone with it, it's fair game to her. Better safe than sorry, especially with JAWS around!! She's also not allowed in the computer room when her parents aren't home - I don't blame them!

Happy Holidays from Mollie and Pennie:

Awwwww....they kinda look like two polar bears!! LOL

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