Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Speaking In Tongues: Kook VS. Scott + Star Parker Rant

I really try to avoid getting into the back-and-forth arguing and insulting with "christian" extremists out there in cyberland; especially those particular idiots harassing people on YouTube (when they should just migrate over to ripoff GodTube, where they belong). It's a waste of their time trying to re-indoctrinate/scare me, and it's a waste of my time, period.

But there's always the rare exception though, when I'm in the mood to get into some fuckery. This one just had too much potential kookery to refuse and leave alone.....

Here's my original comment on a YouTube clip of pentecostals speaking in tongues (which kinda freaked me out, by the way - and I HAD to give my 2 cents):

"If somebody starts speaking in tongues around me, I look at them like they're crazy.....because they are."

And then I get the following reply this morning, from an obvious "kool-aid" drinker:

"You need Jesus!!!"

You know I just couldn't pass this crazy shit up, and I hads to stir it:

"Uh, no. However I DO need Jesús, because he's pretty hot.

Like the tongue-speakers, you need to keep your snake-handling cult hands off me. Go roll around on the floor, kicking and screaming "being slain in the spirit", or something."

Next, he gets all high & mighty with the bitch of this here journal:

"Jesus is the Answer me freind Go and Seek Him!!! And Stop Your Nonsense!!! I have no time to Argue with IGnorance"

Why not? I'm having a fun time arguing with YOUR ignorance ;) Better than TV!

"Now you know how the entire country feels about you guys. Sorry to hear people are fleeing from you and your kookery like wildfire. I'm one of them, don't hold your breath on me coming back. You guys are too fucked up for me (and any sane person for that matter)."

It's obvious this is one of those nuts with a "God complex" - kinda like our current president, Sir Chimp-A-Lot.

"It dont matters what the Country thinks about the Body of Christ is what the Lord thinks!!! And I dont really concern if You want to stay out because it is about your own choice: it is u who will answer to Jesus on the DAy of Judgement Not me!! And Only Jesus can Solve your Problem Me brother!!! THOSE PEOPLE WHO REFUSE GOD WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD!!!"

At this point, it gets too nutty, even for me. The typos, the "all-caps" hollering. Wanna bet his psycho eyes were rolling into the back of his head while he was typing? It was good fun getting his holy-rolling self all kooked up though.

And for his information, the country doesn't have a problem with the "body of Christ". The problem is with his nutty bunch of followers and abusers of The Bible, also known as modern-day pharisees. "Christian" kooks, to be exact - and FAR from anything having to do with the "body of Christ".

It's true that I was raised Christian/Southern Baptist, but have been agnostic for over a decade - and I'm quite happy that way. Besides, church is boring - I'd rather sleep in on Sundays, and to hell with whatever The Bible thinks about that.

Plus it's my opinion that church is nothing more than a political house of hatred (especially in this day and age); a gossipy hen-house of closeted homosexuals with nazi intentions for openly gay people, swindlers and crooks, guilty adulterers, pedophiles, and miserable women who needs to put some dick in their lives.

It's also true that I own a copy of The Bible, given to me from my late aunt Gina (held onto for sentimental reasons, more than anything - since she signed a note inside of the cover, to me). That book is stored away somewhere, along with stuff I haven't looked at since probably high school. Any other bibles that makes its way into this house is to become future rolling papers, and nothing else.

One thing I want to make clear is I have absolutely no problems with Christianity, religion in general, nor that nappy-haired hippie named Jesus. If these things brings you contentment, gives you hope or inspiration, or makes your life more livable, then more power to you. For me, it's useless - just like Kevin Federline's "rapping" talent. I've got better extracurricular activities to be enjoying in this short life.

The PROBLEM is the "christian" (in name only) nutballs using The Bible and Christianity to control, intimidate, bully, harm, kill, degrade, and otherwise fuck with people. They've hijacked the church, chasing off the REAL Christians, and anyone else who believes homeless and less fortunate people/families/single mothers with no food, and other important issues in this country is more of a priority than what homosexuals do in their own bedrooms.

What's more, is these kooks yap the tired "hate the sin, love the sinner" line, yet they bully the Christians who are friendly to gays or accepts a gay person in their family, by informing them that "they aren't real Christians" - all because they aren't mistreating and acting holier-than-thou towards the gay person.

As much as I like the REAL Christians out there, they don't have the balls to stand up to these kooks and say "what fucking bible are YOU reading from, anyway?", and send them off to start their own nazi groups from which their fucked-up version of "christianity" is based.

Hitler used Christianity to fuck with gullible people too, and this is exactly a case of history repeating itself - once again, at the expense of good, decent, REAL Christians. It's practically Adolf Hitler all over again (although it hasn't reached the point of Auschwitz.....yet).

Don't believe me? Check out one of their so-called "christian" heroes: Star Parker, who recently said "christians" want to "quarantine the sodomites" (via Max Blumenthal at a "values voters" klan meeting late last year).

This fucked-up remark is coming from a nasty bitch who's a "former crackhead", had more abortions than all the teenage girls in this country on Prom Night combined, and whose vaginal lips are so used up, they'd likely drag the ground like a fucking wedding veil, if it wasn't for panties.

Right, Star Parker has the "moral authority" to threaten gay people like that. What a serene little angel she is. I'll bet she's hiding her crack pipe somewhere in that twisted halo over her head. Somebody needs to quarantine HER, and her fucked-up crackhead psychosis. I'm for real, the crazy bitch is like a female Tyrone Biggums.

These people are just fucking nuts, and it's sometimes fun to fuck with the creepy zombies.

Anyway, I needs to git for now - I haven't been posting all that much lately, so hopefully I made up for it today LOL. Here's the YouTube clip from which the funny back-and-forth earlier started from:

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