Sunday, November 11, 2007

Driving Miss Mollie

Last week, I was asked to drop Mollie (Great Pyrenees) off at the vet when they opened, as she was scheduled to be there all day for a grooming, and the works.

The neighbors left their Four Runner in the garage for me to transport her slobbering self, and I had no idea how difficult it was to get her in the back seat.

First I tried setting a "baby cookie" in the back seat. She attempted to jump, and just stood there with her front paws on the floorboard. I looked around for something suitable to use as a makeshift ramp, but couldn't find anything. She then started avoiding the truck.

We were running late, so I had no other choice but to set her front paws on the back seat, and fucking hoist her 160 pounds of mostly dead weight up there.

I also picked her up from the vet that night, and she was ready to go. She tried diving into the back seat once again, but didn't quite make it - so again I had to hoist that big bear skin rug into the seat!

They done a really good job though. The above is a "before" picture, and will soon post something new.

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